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Friday, January 29, 2010

Country Sunflower Quilt Farm

Country Sunflower Quilt Farm
Here are some pictures and information about how I created this watercolor painting.
First, I come up with a design. Then I draw it on paper or sometimes I use my drawing tablet in photoshop program on my mac and then transfer it to paper.
Once the drawing is transfered onto watercolor tablet I erase the drawing so only a light pencil mark remains as a guide. Next, I chose the colors that I want to use and set them out onto my pallette. Then I apply a light wash of each color waiting in between for each to dry so that they do not mix/spread into each other.

First layer of light yellow wash is being applied to the sunflowers
with a round brush.

I like to use a small round sponge dipped into yellow to paint to add highlights on trees that already have a base coat of light green.

Roof tiles are painted with brush and black watercolor paint.

After the First coat of watercolor applied as a light wash. Then I go over it again with same color but stronger in areas that I want to be darker, bolder, or highlighted.

I use a flat square brush to add second coat of paint to hill tops for a bolder deeper green.

This is the finished watercolor painting.

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